Results posted for mock election

The City of Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services division hosted a mock election event from Sept. 5 - 16 in a total of five locations throughout the city. The purpose of the event was two-fold: first, to provide voters with an opportunity to experience voting using a full ballot of ranked choice voting races and the new optical scan ballot counters that will be in polling places Nov. 5; and second, to allow the Elections staff to make a full run through of post-election procedures, including tabulation and posting of results.


The final results of the 2013 Mock Election have now been posted on the City's election website, under the tab "Maps & Results," where results will also be posted on Nov. 5 and the days following for the municipal election. There are individual links to the city-wide races (mayor, board of estimate and taxation, and park board at large), the ward races (council members), and the district races (park board).

The theme of the mock election was parks, bodies of water, and park-related activities. The mock election "winners" include:



BOARD OF ESTIMATE & TAXATION (elect 2, in rank order)



PARK BOARD AT-LARGE (elect 3, in rank order)





North = Folwell

Central = Armatage

East = Northeast

South = Pearl


North = North Commons

Central = Harriet

East = Lupient

South = Nokomis

For each of these “races,” Election Night details are provided using the results of first-ranked choices only, as allowed under the amended rules approved by City Council earlier this year. This Election Night report is accessed using the first link under each race heading. A second link provides access to a full visualization of the run-off tabulation process (in rounds) for each race where a definitive winner could not be declared based only upon first-ranked choices. Both of these reports are similar in format to what the City’s Elections & Voter Services Division will produce and publish/post on Election Night, November 5, and the following days as we complete tabulation in each of the municipal races. Those reports will be posted to the City’s new election website, and we will also post them in the rotunda area of City Hall.

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