Election judge paychecks

Thank you to all of our election judges this year.  Your service was invaluable and greatly appreciated to help Election Day go smoothly.

Election Judge paychecks will look a little different this year.  They are being processed over two payroll cycles, with some mailed on November 30th, and the balance going out on December 13th.  Following are two concerns some judges have had regarding paychecks this year.

Being paid for training only: Due to a processing glitch, some election judges received payment for training only in the checks that went out Nov. 30th.  Along with our sincere apology, these judges will receive a separate payment for their Election Day service on December 13th.

Understanding different rates of pay on the check: All election judges receive the same base hourly wage. New in 2013, Head, Assistant Head, Precinct Support, and Healthcare Judges hourly rate is categorized by the base hourly rate and a separate hourly rate for the additional responsibilities. Together these rates total the hourly rate for the particular role.

If you have additional concerns about total hours worked and payment, please call our office at 612-673-3870. 

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