Voter turnout maps and statistics now online for the last several elections

A new page has been added to to bring together key voter statistics in one place. At this point, turnout statistics for Minneapolis voters by ward and precinct have been added for every regular primary and special election since 2004. These statistics have been posted in downloadable files as both PDF documents and Excel files, to facilitate easier access and open data for those who may be interested in using this information for further research or analysis.

Also added are voter turnout maps providing a visual representation of turnout across the city over a number of different elections. In comparing data over time, it is essential to note that wards and precincts are not static. After the national census is completed every 10 years, ward and precinct boundaries are redrawn, a process last completed in 2012. Precinct boundaries may also be altered at other times, to add or remove precincts or move boundaries between existing precincts. These maps provide additional geographic context to the ward and precinct data.

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