Online tools help all voters participate in the Aug. 12 Primary

A full array of online tools is available on the Elections website to make participating in this primary even easier.  Visit for access to all of these tools and complete information about voting, conveniently linked through the Your Vote guide featured on every page of the site.

Voter Registration Lookup:
Allows voters to quickly tell whether they are registered at their current address after entering their name, birthday, and address.

Online Voter Registration Application:
Voters who need to register or update their registration can do so using this online application.

Absentee ballot request:
Voters can request an absentee ballot by mail completely online with this recently introduced tool. This is an easy and convenient way for voters to check on the status of their absentee ballot.To use the secure service, voters must provide the following information: first and last name (name must match voter’s name entered on the absentee ballot application or voter registration), full date of birth, and the same identification number the voter used on the absentee ballot application. The absentee ballot lookup tool informs absentee voters about the current status of their ballots with one of the following types of messages:

Absentee Ballot Lookup

  • "Your absentee ballot application has been received"
  • "Your absentee ballot has been sent to you on (date)"
  • "Your absentee ballot has been received"
  • "Your absentee ballot will be counted"
  • "Your absentee ballot has been rejected for (reason)"
  • "Your replacement ballot has been sent on (date)

Minnesota Polling Place Finder:
For those planning to head to the polls on primary day, this is a key tool to ensure they know where to vote. Voters enter their home address, and will get their assigned polling place location, a map, and a direct link to their sample ballot. Especially with new precincts being added this year and some polling places changing location, all voters are encouraged to double check their polling locations.

Sample Ballot/My Ballot tool:
Every voting precinct has a different ballot, potentially containing different contests depending upon the part of the city, so this valuable tool allows voters to enter their home address to access the same ballot they will see when voting. Sample ballots are an excellent resource for preparing to vote, and can be brought with to the polls as a reference.

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