City Canvassing Board meets to canvass ballot questions

This morning the Minneapolis City Council met sitting as the City Canvassing Board to canvass the results of contests under the direct authority of the City in the Nov. 4 General Election and to declare the official results. As part of the General Election, there were two City Charter Questions on the ballot that the City is responsible for, and the results of which were canvassed at this meeting.

City Question 1, relating to the filing fee for City elected offices, was declared to pass with the official result of 80,257 'yes' votes and 42,463 'no' votes.

City Question 2, relating to removing mandatory food requirements for wine licenses, was declared to pass with the official result of 107,067 'yes' votes and 21,090 'no' votes.

As part of its report to the Canvassing Board, Elections staff also presented a summary report of statistics relating to the 2014 General Election. City-wide voter turnout in the election was 55.55%, slightly higher than the statewide voter turnout level, and significantly higher than national voter turnout rates. Within Minneapolis, turnout ranged from a low of 37.89% in ward 5 to a high of 66.87% in ward 13. This was the first general election since the law change in the state allowing any voter to vote by absentee ballot, and 8.94% of city voters chose to vote by absentee ballot.

Other ballot contests were canvassed by either Hennepin County or the Minneapolis School Board on Monday, Nov. 10.

Elections & Voter Services
City Hall, 350 S. 5th St., Room 201
Minneapolis, MN 55415