Precinct caucuses are March 1

Minnesotans' first opportunity to participate in helping parties select endorsed candidates, including for president, will come on Tuesday, March 1, at precinct caucuses. These caucuses are meetings run by the state's political parties. Precinct caucuses are the first in a series of meetings held by the parties to endorse candidates, select delegates, and establish party platforms. Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services does not play any role in the caucus process.

There are currently two major political parties in the state: the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and the Republican Party of Minnesota. Both of these parties are holding their caucuses at 7 p.m. on March 1. You can find your caucus location for either of these parties by using the Minnesota Secretary of State's online caucus finder. Minor parties in the state may hold caucuses at other times and locations; contact those parties directly for more information.

To participate in a precinct caucus, you must:
  • Be eligible to vote in the November general election,
  • Live in the precinct, and
  • Generally agree with the principles of the political party hosting the caucus.
Because precinct caucuses are run by the political parties, the normal absentee voting process run by election administrators including Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services is not used. The two major political parties in Minnesota do not have an absentee voting option for the presidential preference ballot; you must attend the caucus in order to participate in the balloting. Check with the political party of your choice for more information about options for voters not in attendance to submit a resolution or seek to become a delegate.

The Minnesota Secretary of State's Office will also be holding a free caucus workshop on February 25 in Saint Paul, with representatives from both major parties sharing more about how to participate in their processes.

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