Report to the City Council on 2016 preparations

Taking the ballot to the people: Plans & preparations for the 2016 election

Preparations for the 2016 election season are in more than full swing. The Elections & Voter Services Division is presenting its latest report to the City Council’s Elections & Rules Committee on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, highlighting some of the crucial work underway.

The Division is committed to ensuring all eligible Minneapolis voters have both the opportunity and the ability to cast a ballot. Driven by this commitment, EVS seeks to eliminate unnecessary barriers to electoral participation and to make voting as easy as possible, taking the ballot to the people in as many ways as possible.

To achieve that objective, the Division will focus its plans for this year’s presidential election in three areas: (1) increasing voter registration; (2) improving access to the ballot box; and (3) recruiting the right staff in the right places to support voters at every step of the process. The report highlights some key strategies to support these objectives.

The full report is available on both the Elections & Voter Services website, and the City’s legislative information site containing all Council and Committee agendas and legislative files.

Video of the meeting is also archived for viewing at any time on the City's meeting video page and on YouTube.

Elections & Voter Services
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