Seasonal employment opportunities with Elections & Voter Services

Given the small size of its full-time professional staff, EVS relies heavily upon a team of seasonal staffers for every election. These seasonal staffers begin coming on-board as early as March to help with initial plans and preparations. As an election draws closer, the number of staffers grows dramatically. All aspects of working with election judges require additional staff support, from recruiting to scheduling, training, and paying them. Other staffers work at the warehouse to manage supplies, test equipment, and deploy and retrieve materials from polling places.

The single biggest need for seasonal staff is associated with absentee voting. For in-person absentee voting, the increased levels of turnout coupled with extended service hours and additional satellite locations will require a substantial commitment of personnel. Whether in-person or by mail, absentee voting requires a significant amount of processing for each ballot and its associated series of envelopes at multiple points in time. This translates into a need for adequate staffing to handle this time-sensitive and variable workload. It is important to recognize both the number of in-person absentee voters and absentee mail ballots being received increase substantially as Election Day approaches, placing further demands on staff to get all of the absentee ballots received both in-person and by mail processed and tabulated before Election Day.

Different teams are needed to handle each in-person voting location, to visit all health care facilities to serve residents, to process mailed ballots, to accept or reject returned ballots, to prepare and tabulate ballots, and to serve as absentee ballot runners on Election Day and for the general election throughout the absentee voting period.

Hiring is underway now with opportunities available primarily working with the absentee voting process for seasonal positions that will be primarily full time starting in June and ending after the general election in November.

If you are interested in one of these positions, or know someone else who might be, please take a look at the currently open positions and apply online now in the City’s NeoGov system.

Look for the following job titles under the Current Job Openings listed in the City Clerk department in NeoGov for complete job descriptions, required qualifications, and to submit an application:

Elections Support Specialist I—Absentee Voting

Elections Support Specialist II—Absentee Voting

Program Aide II


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