Polling place additions and changes approved

At its meeting on April 1, 2016, the Minneapolis City Council approved the recommendations of staff to add seven new precincts in the city and make changes to some polling places. After considering population growth and voter turnout figures, staff recommended bringing the total number of polling places on Election Day from 125 to 132. The changes include the addition of four new precincts at new polling locations, the reallocation of four existing precincts within one ward into seven precincts, and the relocation of seven polling locations. The seven proposed new precincts will eliminate five current precincts that exceed 2,500 registered voters each.

The four new precincts with new polling locations are found in wards 2, 9 , 10, and 12:
W2-P-11 Longfellow Schoolportion of existing W2-P1
W9-P9 Church of Gichitwaa Kateriportion of existing W9-P1
W10-P10 Spring House Ministry Centerportion of existing W10-P8
W12-P13 Keewaydin Schoolportion of existing W12-P5

Ward 13 is experiencing the greatest number of precinct changes, due to a concentration of precincts with high numbers of active voters. it is in this ward that four existing precincts are being divided up into seven new precincts:
W13-P2 Lake Harriet School - LowerW13-P2 St John's Episcopal Church
W13-P3 Linden Hills Park*W13-P3 Linden Hills Park*
W13-P4 Pershing ParkW13-P4 Church of St Thomas the Apostle
W13-P5 Mt Olivet Lutheran ChurchW13-P5 Pershing Park
 W13-P11 Lake Harriet United Methodist Church
 W13-P12 Christ the King Church
 W13-P13 Mt Olivet Lutheran Church
*precinct boundary change; name & location remain the same

The following polling locations will be relocated in 2016, some permanently and others only for 2016 due to construction issues:
W3-P5 Ukrainian Event Center
W4-P7 St Austin Church
W5-P3 North Commons Park
W5-P5 Masjid An-Nur
W6-P5 American Indian Center
W7-P9 Scottish Rite Temple
W9-P5 Walker Community Church

Repeated, widespread communication via multiple channels will be crucial to help minimize voter confusion related to these proposed changes. Hennepin County sends a postcard update to each affected address in any new or updated precinct. In addition to this county notice, EVS will collaborate to help spread the word via community websites, social networks, community meetings and events, newsletters, mailings, and other means. Posters will be sent to all former polls to be posted at entrances to instruct voters of the new location and revised precinct boundaries. The simplest key message that will be reiterated in voter education efforts to all Minneapolis residents relating to voting on Election Day in 2016 is: CHECK YOUR POLLING PLACE.

Elections & Voter Services
City Hall, 350 S. 5th St., Room 201
Minneapolis, MN 55415