Election judges: Watch for the election worker portal 

Election judges serving this year will experience a new and improved way to interact with Elections & Voter Services: the Election Worker Portal. The Portal is a website that allows election judges and EVS to communicate with one another quickly about personnel information, work and training assignments, and more. It is a crucial component of the new Election Management System (EMS) being put into place this spring. Going forward, it will be the primary means of communication between EVS and judges, and it can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Of course, staff can also still be reached quickly by phone or email.

To access the Portal, each judge will be given their own unique login credentials. When judges log in for the first time, they will enter their personnel information, eliminating the need to collect this information at the time of training. This also allows the judges the freedom to update their personnel information whenever necessary.

From the Portal homepage, judges can view a list of upcoming elections, and at the beginning of each election season, select the elections they are interested in serving for, and select their shift preferences. From this information, EVS staff can assign judges to work on Election Day. Once assignment are made, they will appear in a judge’s Portal on their Work Assignment tab, and the judge can let EVS know if they accept the assignment. Judges can even view a map with directions from their home address to the polling place they will be working in.

On the Training tab, judges can see which courses they are required to attend and which courses they have completed, view available sessions for each training course, and select sessions to attend. Once selected, scheduled sessions will display on the page along with date, time, and location information (including a map with directions, just like with work assignments.)

The week of April 11 EVS will be sending a letter out to all election judges officially kicking off the season and welcoming judges to log in to the Portal for the first time. Judges should keep an eye out for this because it will include important log in credentials as well as other important information regarding the 2016 election season.

EVS staff are thrilled with the implementation of this new system, and are equally thrilled for election judges to try it and let us know what they think!


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