August Primary ballot now set

With the close of candidate filing on May 31, we now know which races will be appearing on Minneapolis ballots as part of the August 9 Primary.

A primary election determines which candidates for a particular office will be on the ballot in the November General Election. There will be two kinds of offices on your primary ballot in Minneapolis in 2016: partisan offices and nonpartisan offices.

In partisan offices, candidates file as part of a political party to appear on the ballot. All state and federal offices are partisan offices. When more than one candidate files for a single party in a partisan office, that office will be included in the primary election to determine which one candidate will be on the ballot for the party in November. Minnesota has two major political parties: the Republican Party and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Partisan candidates for offices in the primary will be listed in two columns on the front side of the primary ballot. One column will list the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidates. The other column will list the Republican Party candidates. You can only vote for candidates from one political party in the primary. If you vote for candidates from both political parties - even in different offices - your votes will not count in  any of the partisan primary races. You decide which of the two parties you will vote for privately once you receive your ballot. Minnesota does not have political party registration and no one can track which party's primary races you voted in.

In nonpartisan offices, candidates do not run as part of a political party. Nonpartisan offices will be listed on the back side of the primary ballot. You can vote for any candidate. The candidates who get the most votes will be on the November general election ballot.

Partisan offices

  • United States Representative (District 5)
  • Minnesota State Senator (Districts 59 and 62)
  • Minnesota State Representative (Districts 59A and 60B)

Nonpartisan office

  • Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice (Seat 6)

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