Digging into the numbers of early voting

Newly added data visualizations on the Elections & Voter Services website are helping to demonstrate the exploding numbers around early voting this year. More than 40,000 early votes have already been cast in Minneapolis, representing participation by more than 16% of the city's registered voters heading into Election Day. 

Stacie Blaskowski, a data scientist with the City, worked with Elections & Voter Services to create these visualizations showing the number of early (absentee) ballots cast in the city through different lenses. Taking these different looks at the data shows the striking up tick that is continuing to occur each day in voting levels as November 8 draws nearer.

Visuals showing running totals include the total number of ballots received by date this year, as well as how those ballots were cast, including a breakdown of voting at each of the city’s four Early Vote Centers. A second tab of visuals focuses on the number of ballots cast daily since early voting started on September 23. The final visual is an interactive heat map showing the total number of voters from each precinct in the city who have cast an early ballot, including what percent that represents of the registered voters in the precincts.

The data visualizations are available at http://vote.minneapolismn.gov/resources/2016statistics.

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