Record number of ballots cast in Minneapolis

In this year’s presidential election Minneapolis experienced strong and steady participation throughout the entire 46-day absentee period. However, in an unanticipated turn of events, turnout on Election Day decreased, when what seemed certain to become the highest turnout in the City’s history fizzled and fell short. In the end, Minneapolis achieved 79% turnout of registered voters, which is less than the 81% record turnout set in 2012. Still, the turnout this year was higher than any other presidential election year in recent history, going back to 1968—so some good news. 

The Secretary of State’s Office estimates approximately 2.9 million voters cast ballots in this year’s presidential election, equating to 74.11% participation by their estimation of eligible voters in the state. This puts Minnesota back in the lead, nationally, for voter turnout. Still, despite significant effort across the board at multiple levels, Minnesota’s turnout was lower this year than in the last three presidential elections. Nationally, it appears voter turnout is hovering around 55%. That’s the lowest it’s been in a presidential election since 2000. 

While Election Day turnout by percentage of participation was down, the overall number of votes cast set a record in recent history. Minneapolis went into Election Day with its highest number of registered voters since 1984, helping set up for the lowest number of same-day registrations since that process was implemented in 1975. That meant far less strain on election judges and the smooth operation of the polls, and less time for voters to wait in long lines. Minneapolis also served its highest number of absentee voters this year during the early vote period, comprising more than 60,000 votes or 28% of the total 219,832 ballots cast in the city. 

Full official turnout statistics will be available early next week, and will be posted to the Elections & Voter Services website.

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