Thank you to all our election judges for your service!

In every election Minneapolis deploys its team of election judges, the largest of any city in Minnesota, to its 132 polling places.This year, Minneapolis sent over 2,500 election judges to work on Election Day, an average of nearly 19 election judges per site. 567 of these judges are fluent in at least one language other than English, including 36 who speak Hmong, 113 who speak Somali, and 211 who speak Spanish. Another notable number was the 368 student election judges (high school students ages 16 and 17) serving in polling places, marking a new record.

2016 also saw the introduction of two brand new election judge positions this year: the registration specialist and the polling place closer. Each of these roles was created to address a particular need, and the individuals filling the roles went through specific training in addition to the legally required training for all election judges. During this election, a total of 116 registration specialists, and 25 polling place closers were assigned to help out on Election Day.

While much of election administration operates largely behind the scenes, election judges are very much out front on Election Day working directly with voters. Election judges work hard to make sure people are in the correct polling place, help voters with registration, and take the needed steps to ensure voters are able to cast their ballot, all while continuously meeting the myriad challenges that inevitably come up on Election Day. Election judges also work very long hours on Election Day; those working all-day shifts are in their polling place from 6 a.m. to around 9 p.m. or later. The work of an election judge is not always easy; however, the role election judges play is essential to the functioning of our democracy. Thank you for your service!

PLEASE NOTE: If you opted to be paid for your service as an election judge during the General Election, your paycheck will be mailed to you on December 9.

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