What to expect on election night

How to find election results

Today is Election Day!

Here’s a run-down on what voters can expect in terms of results being reported for this year’s election.

After polls close at 8 p.m.—and after every voter already in line at that time has been served—the final, unofficial results of the 2017 Municipal Election will be tallied up; that includes results from all 132 precincts and results from all absentee ballots cast during the 46-day early voting period (Sep. 22 – Nov. 6). The City’s Elections & Voter Services (EVS) anticipates that initial results data should start posting between 9 and 10 p.m., based on final closing times in each of the 132 precincts.

Getting Election Results

All results data will be posted to the City’s Elections & Voter Services website: vote.minneapolismn.gov

On Election Night, the website will provide preliminary (unofficial) results. Voters will not have to click around to access results, it will be right on the Election's website homepage.

Declaring Election Night Winners

Based only on the cumulative totals of first-ranked choices in each race, EVS will determine if any unofficial winners can be declared, measured against a maximum possible threshold. If possible, EVS will declare winners in races based only on the totals of first-ranked votes on Election Night.

In the 2013 election, EVS declared unofficial winners in 63% of the races on the ballot. So it is possible that a majority of the races could have declared unofficial winners again this year, simply based on the totals of first-ranked votes.

For races where an unofficial winner can be declared on Election Night, EVS will post a data table showing the total first-ranked results for each candidate and the name of the candidate declared the winner. An example of this table declaring an Election Night winner is shown below—

Unofficial Winner: Candidate A

Maximum possible threshold met.

Maximum possible threshold 51
Candidate First Ranked Votes
Candidate A 57
Candidate B 33
Write-ins 5
Overvotes 3
Undervotes 2

Races Requiring Ranked Choice Vote Tabulation (No Election Night Winners)

In races where an unofficial winner cannot be declared on Election Night based only on the totals of first-ranked votes, a table showing all candidates and the totals of their first-ranked votes will be shown with a notice that additional rounds of tabulation are required to determine the outcome in that race. An example of this table is shown below—

No candidate has received enough votes to be elected. Round-by-round tabulation will begin 11/8/2017.

Maximum possible threshold 51
Candidate First Ranked Votes
Candidate A 33
Candidate B 29
Candidate C 27
Write-ins 6
Overvotes 3
Undervotes 2

Ranked Choice Vote Tabulation (Nov. 8 and Possibly Nov. 9)

EVS will tabulate election results in races where an unofficial winner cannot be declared on Election Night beginning Wed., Nov. 8, around noon. Results will be tabulated as quickly as possible; however, because RCV requires special tabulation processes, some results could be delayed, even as late as Thursday, Nov. 9.

After each race is completed, EVS will post a notice via its social media accounts to indicate that the results will be posted to the EVS website. EVS will provide a short notice period, announced on Facebook and Twitter, prior to posting any results. Those social media accounts where notices will be posted include—

After the notice period, the final tabulation results will be posted for each respective race on the EVS website, at: vote.minneapolismn.gov.

Certifying Final Results

Once all unofficial results have been reported, the City Council—sitting as the Municipal Canvassing Board—will receive the final tallies. A meeting of the Municipal Canvassing Board has been scheduled for Wed., Nov. 15, at 10 a.m. in the Council Chamber (Room 319) at City Hall. At that meeting, the Canvassing Board will certify the final results, at which point they become the official results in the 2017 Municipal Election.

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