Resources for students

K-12 Students

Activity book

A Vote Minneapolis activity book targeted to young Minneapolis residents to help them learn more about elections and voting in Minneapolis was designed by the 2013 class of Urban Scholars at the City of Minneapolis.  These activity books can be downloaded and printed.
Vote Minneapolis activity book (pdf)

Kids Voting

Kids Voting Minneapolis is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that partners with schools and families to enrich the civic education of K-12 students in Minneapolis and prepare them to be informed voters. Minneapolis partners with Kids Voting Minneapolis to help provide a realistic voting experience for young people in the polling place.

Kids Voting Minneapolis is funded by private donations and is part of Kids Voting USA.

High School

To be eligible to register and vote in Minnesota, you must be at least 18 years old on Election Day.

For those high school students who will be eligible to vote for the first time, you can learn how to register to vote.

High school students ages 16 and older also have an opportunity to get involved in elections by serving as student election judges.

College students


If you are a student living at school, you can choose whether to register at home or at school, but not both! If you are a Minneapolis resident attending school outside of the city, you can choose to vote in Minneapolis by absentee ballot.

As a Minnesota resident, you can vote with a Minnesota post-secondary student photo ID (if you live on campus and your school has provided a student housing list to the election officials) or a current student fee statement that includes your voting address (you will also need to show a photo ID with this.) At this point, we have student housing lists from all post secondary institutions with on campus housing in Minneapolis. The housing lists are available at all four Early Vote Centers, as well as the appropriate polling places on Election Day.

See the complete list of approved proofs of residence.