Three things to know about getting registered to vote:

  1. Who is eligible to register
  2. How to pre-register to vote.
  3. How Election Day Registration works


Am I eligible to register to vote?

You can vote in Minnesota if you are:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • At least 18 years old on Election Day
  • A resident of Minnesota for 20 days
  • Finished with all parts of any felony sentence

What to know about being eligible to vote if...


How and when do I register to vote?

All voters are encouraged to pre-register to vote prior to Election Day. The pre-registration deadline for the Aug. 14 Primary Election is Tuesday, July 24. The pre-registration deadline for the Nov. 6 General Election is Tuesday, Oct. 16. You can register online or by completing and submitting a paper application.

What address should I use on my registration form?

You must be registered to vote at your current address. It is up to you as the voter to determine what you consider your residence to be, as the address you consider home. Generally this will be where you sleep at night. If you are temporarily away from home but intend to return, you can still register and vote from that address.

What if I don't have a permanent address?

Register and vote based on where you consider your home to be at the time you vote. Your current residence is generally where you sleep at night, so if you do not have a permanent address and you are sleeping at a friend’s house, a shelter, or outside, that is your voting residence. If you sleep outside or someplace without a street address, write a description of the location on line four of the voter registration application.

What if I don't receive mail where I live?

If you currently are staying at an address or location where you cannot receive mail, but that is your voting residence, you still need to put that address or location on your voter registration application to be properly registered. Hennepin County does not use any separate mailing addresses supplied on a voter registration application, so if you do not receive mail at your voting residence, your voter record will be marked ‘challenged’ because the county could not confirm your address through a postal verification. You will still be able to vote. When you go to vote, you will be asked to swear an oath or affirm that you are living at your voting residence.

Why should I preregister if I can just register when I go to vote?

Pre-registering will save you time when you go to vote. You will be able to skip the additional line and wait to register before getting your ballot. If your voter registration is current and active, you do not need to bring identification or proof of address with you when voting.

How do I register if I'm worried about my personal safety and need to keep my address private?

Your name and address are public information when you register to vote. There are some options to keep this information private.
If you have very high safety needs, you can enroll in the Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program through the Office of Secretary of State. Program participants have a post office box assigned to use in place of your address, with all mail forwarded by the program, including absentee ballots for voting. Names and addresses of participants are not shared with county election offices and are not public.

You can also submit a Request to Withhold Voter Information from Public Information form to your county election office. Your name and address will still appear on the list of voters at the polling place on Election Day, but will not be available to members of the public.

Election Day registration

What if I'm ready to vote but I'm not registered?

You can still register when you vote. You will need to bring proof of identity and residence with you to the polls.

What do I need to bring with me to the polls to register when I vote?

You need proof of identity and residence as outlined in state law in order to register when you vote. The most common option used by voters is a Minnesota Driver’s License or ID card with your current address. If you do not have one of these, you must supply one of the other accepted proofs required by law.

How can I register if I don't have an ID with my current address?

If your Driver’s License or ID does not have your current address, you can still register if you can provide one of the other accepted proofs. One option is to visit a Hennepin County Service Center to update your license or ID. Your yellow receipt for your new license or ID with your current address is an accepted proof for registration. You can also provide a current bill or statement, dated or due within 30 days of the date of the election, with your current name and address along with your old ID or another approved photo ID.
Other options to use as the required proof:

  1. Have another registered voter you know in your precinct confirm your address, also known as ‘vouching’.
  2. Use your college student ID if you live on campus and your school has provided a student housing list to the elections office.
  3. If you have a valid registration already in your current precinct, and just need to update your name or address within the same precinct, you can provide your prior name or address to verify your registration.
  4. Bring your Notice of Late Registration if you submitted a voter registration application after the pre-registration deadline, but in time to receive this notice from Hennepin County.
  5. If you live in a residential facility, a staff member can go with you when you vote to confirm your address after providing proof of their employment at the facility.