2013 Minneapolis Election Results


Ranked choice voting tabulations were necessary only in races where an unofficial winner could not be determined election night. The final results have been certified:

City-wide Races


Board of Estimate & Taxation

Park & Recreation Commissioner At Large

Ballot Questions

Municipal Canvassing Board

Adopted an order which 1) Certifies the official results of the 2013 Municipal Election; 2) Declares official winners in each race on the ballot, indicating the names of each person receiving votes and the number of votes received by each office voted upon; 3) Declares the official results for each question on the ballot, indicating the number of votes for and against each question voted upon; and 4) Directs the City Clerk to submit a certified copy of the official results of the 2013 Municipal Election to the Hennepin County Auditor and to file and preserve the original returns and all election records for the 2013 Municipal Election in accordance with Minnesota Election Law.

Mock Election

A mock election was held in advance of the 2013 election to help educate voters about rank choice voting.

Post-election review complete

The City of Minneapolis Post-Election Review was held Thursday, November 21, 2013, at the Elections Warehouse. The City established the Post-Election Review of Voting System as a voluntary process to determine and demonstrate the accuracy of the ballot data used to determine the winners of the municipal election.

Please see the summary results for more information, including details on how the review was conducted.

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