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Casey Carl

City Clerk

Casey has worked in local government for more than 20 years, serving as Minneapolis Clerk since August 2010. In that capacity, he serves as the City’s chief elections official and has oversight of the Elections & Voter Services Division. Casey holds a degree in Communications from Emporia State University in Kansas, his home state.

Casey's responsibilities:

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Aaron Grossman

Elections Administrator

Aaron joined the team in 2016 and contributed to several projects throughout the broader City Clerk’s Department before moving to a full-time focus on elections in 2019. He enjoys the ever-changing world of working on elections and is eager to take on new challenges and dive into new data. Aaron graduated from the University of Minnesota where he spent time researching voting rights, and he has previously worked on projects with the League of Women Voters. Outside of elections, Aaron enjoys canoeing in the Boundary Waters and waiting impatiently for the Twins to win the World Series.

Aaron's responsibilities: 

  • Early in-person voting
  • Satellite early vote centers
  • Ranked choice voting
  • IT projects

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Eric Jeffreys-Berns

Elections Administrator

Over 20 years ago, Eric began a career in elections as an election judge when he moved back to Minneapolis after living in Chicago for 10 years. He has a background in retail management which he feels has a curious similarity to elections. Eric enjoys time spent with his family, gardening in his backyard, and teaching people to ride motorcycle. He has been an instructor for the past 20 years.

Eric's responsibilities: 

  • Logistics and equipment
  • Election night drop-off sites
  • Ballot ordering

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Jon Martin

Elections Administrator 

Jon Martin

Jon started here in 2016 as a seasonal worker on the mail team and assumed full responsibility of the program during the 2018 elections. He believes that providing more convenient ways to vote helps enfranchise people and increases voter participation. One of his favorite aspects of his job is working with staff to help Minneapolis voters easily vote - whether at their home in Minneapolis or somewhere halfway around the world. Jon previously did elections work for candidates running for office across Minnesota and has been able to apply that knowledge to his job. Jon has a degree in History from the University of Minnesota, a subject that he is enjoys learning more about. When not at work Jon loves to play video games, although he’s not good enough to ever go pro.

Jon's responsibilities:

  • Vote by mail program
  • Health care facility voting
  • Absentee Ballot Board
  • Statewide Voter Registration System liaison

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Jeff Narabrook

Elections Administrator

Jeff Narabrook

Jeff has been involved with elections-related work since 2009. He began his career at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits supporting advocacy and nonpartisan voter outreach efforts. He later led voter outreach and civic education at the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. Jeff loves training poll workers; he believes that kind and informed poll workers result in happy voters who want to come back next time. He loves to play music and may one day write a mnemonic song about the proofs of residence used for election day registration.

Jeff's responsibilities:

  • Election judge training
  • Election Day headquarters
  • Voter outreach and education

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Kate Redden

Elections Administrator

Kate Redden

As a classic Type A personality, Kate enjoys working on the “behind the scenes” details and plans that make each election happen. Prior to joining the City, she earned dual degrees in Political Science and Communication Studies from Gustavus Adolphus College. She stumbled into her love of elections in 2016 after various roles in the nonprofit world. When the weather doesn’t allow for time on the local trails or lakes, you can find her working on a good book or jigsaw puzzle.

Kate's responsibilities:

  • Candidate filing
  • Personnel and hiring
  • Results canvass

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Caryn Scheel

Student Election Judge Coordinator

Caryn recruits 400 high school students to work in Minneapolis polling places on Election Day and works with schools and other partners on youth civic engagement projects. Caryn has a certificate in election administration from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and has worked in book publishing, schools, public radio, and nonprofits before finding her home in elections. She enjoys urban foraging and spending time outdoors.

Caryn's responsibilities:

  • Recruiting high school students to serve as election judges
  • Support for students in peer-to-peer outreach
  • School and community partnership for projects to grow young voters

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Tim Schwarz

Elections Administrator

Getting to explore all corners of the city when visiting polls and hunting for new locations is one of Tim’s favorite job duties. In 2017, Tim became a Certified Elections Registration Administrator (CERA) graduate. Prior to his 10+ years with the City, Tim worked on licensing rights to children’s books, buying metals at a scrapyard, serving drinks at a music club—it’s a long list. He still enjoys some occasional part-time bartending. If Tim had endless money, he’d be a professional vagabond. 

Tim's responsibilities:

  • Polling places
  • Precincts and maps
  • Election judge recruitment and scheduling

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Seasonal Support

While the team above coordinates Minneapolis elections year-round, we wouldn't be successful without the support of all our seasonal staff and election judges. Our dedicated support team plays a critical role in ensuring Minneapolis voters have access to the ballot.

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