2009 Minneapolis Municipal Election Results: Board of Estimate and Taxation Ranked-choice Voting Tabulation Center Summary Statement

Total votes cast
for the office:
32086Note: Total votes counted in the first round.
Does not include undervotes or partially defective, totally defective, or spoiled ballots.
Number to be elected:2 
Threshold:10696Note: A third of total votes cast for office + 1, disregarding fractions.
Undervotes:13882Note: Voter did not rank any candidates for the office.
Partially defective ballots:0Note: Unable to determine voter's intent with respect to the office being counted.
Totally defective ballots:1Note: Unable to determine voter's intent for any office on the ballot.
Spoiled ballots:1888Note: Ballot spoiled by voter at polls.
CandidateRound 1Round 2Round 2Round 3Round 3Round 4Round 4Round 5Round 5Final Round Percentage
Distributed surplus: BeckerDefeated Swartwood and Write-inDefeated MartensDefeated Townsend and Wilkie
First preference votesVote Change
(+ Added,
- Subtracted)
Grand TotalVote Change
(+ Added
- Subtracted)
Grand TotalVote Change
(+ Added
- Subtracted)
Grand TotalVote Change
(+ Added
- Subtracted)
Grand TotalMay not sum to 100% due to rounding
TOTAL32086 32086.0000 32086.0000 32086.0000 32086.0000 
  Note: 1.5560 surplus votes could not be distributed due to rounding and remain with the winning candidate        

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