Election Results & Data

Look up historic election results, research voter turnout information, review maps, and read our reports and official publications.
Give us a call at 311 (or 612-673-3000 outside the city) to for assistance if you can't find what you're looking for.

Election Results

Research past election results for Federal, State, County, School Board, and Municipal elections and ballot questions. Municipal Ranked Choice Voting results pages include raw data files and tabulation summaries.

Voter Turnout

We keep extensive voter turnout records for past elections. Look here for turnout summaries by ward and precinct, interactive dashboards tracking voting statistics, and maps showing voter turnout patterns across elections.

Election Maps

View and print maps of the City's wards and precincts.

Polling Place Signs

Download the signs designed by Minneapolis and MCAD, which have been adopted statewide.

Park & School District Precincts

See which precincts are included in each Park and School District in Minneapolis.

Election Committee Reports

Read our pre- and post-election reports and watch our presentations to the City Council.

Official Publications & Notices

Look here for public notices from our office during this election cycle.