Submit a campaign finance report

Download the report spreadsheet to complete and upload your report.

Stop! Are you in the right place?

We only accept campaign finance reports from Minneapolis city and school board candidates.

Our office accepts reports from city and school board candidates who have raised or spent more than $750 since January 1, 2022

Do not submit a report to our office if you are a: 

  • Minneapolis city or school board candidate who is yet to raise or spend more than $750 since January 1, 2022
  • Minneapolis ballot question committee (now file with State Campaign Finance Board)
  • State and federal candidate (file with the State Campaign Finance Board)
  • Hennepin County candidate (file with Hennepin County)

How to submit your report

Notice of law change

Please note that effective January 1, 2022, you are subject to the requirements of Minnesota Statutes Chapter 211A. Learn more with our guide to campaign finance reports


  1. Download the Minneapolis Campaign Finance Report Template.
  2. Complete the spreadsheet with your data.
  3. Save and rename the spreadsheet as “[Candidate First Name and Last Name] – [Report Date].”
  4. Go to the submission form, upload the spreadsheet, enter summary data, and you're done!

Improvements are on the way!

Our office is accepting campaign finance reports for the first time. The process you see here is just the beginning. 

We are developing a web-based reporting system for campaign finance. The system will provide the level of service and information candidates and the public have come to expectAs as candidate, you will be able to upload reports, see the status of your disclosures, and expect upcoming deadlines.  The public will be able to run reports with the data we get and see the status of candidate disclosures easily.


We cannot give you legal advice. We recommend you seek legal counsel to ensure compliance.

For general information about campaign finance reports, see our Guide to Campaign Finance Reports.

For technical (non-legal) questions about submitting your reports, contact us at 612-331-8683 or