Voter turnout

See statistics and maps showing how Minneapolis voters turned out to vote.

2020 early voting data

We've had record breaking early voting and requests for mail ballots.  Take a look at our interactive dashboards with data from this year.

Early voting by ward and precinct

Ballot request rate by ward and precinct

An I voted early sticker.

Minneapolis voter turnout 1968 to 2018

Minneapolis voter turnout varies depending on the type of election.  This graph show turnout in presidential, midterm and municipal election years.

Turnout is highest in presidential election years, but even in midterm and municipal election years our turnout is higher than the national average.

Download voter turnout data from 1968 to present

This graph shows Minneapolis voter turnout in presidential, midterm and municipal elections.

Where is voter turnout highest in Minneapolis?

The average voter turnout varies across Minneapolis.

We looked at the average turnout of registered voters in Minneapolis precincts across three General Elections:

  • 2016 Presidential
  • 2017 Municipal
  • 2018 Gubernatorial

The citywide average turnout was 65.7%. 

Take a look at how it varies by precinct