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It’s easy to vote by mail, but don’t leave it to the last minute.

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How to return your ballot

Mail your ballot

Recommended postmark deadline
Tuesday, October 27 

Legal postmark deadline
Tuesday, November 3 

Must arrive in the mail by
Tuesday, November 10

To be cautious, we recommend you put it in the mail no later than Tuesday, October 27.

After you mail it back, use the Minnesota Secretary of State's ballot tracking tool to confirm we got it back. 

You can choose to mail it after October 27 but to be safe you may want to return it another way (see below), vote early in-person or vote on Election Day instead.  

Drop off your ballot

3 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3 
(Election Day) 

Where can I drop off my ballot?

You can drop-off your ballot to an election official instead of mailing it back. 

See ballot drop-off details

Use a delivery service

8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3 
(Election Day)

If sent by a delivery service (Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.), you must pay for the shipping cost.

Ballots sent using a service can only be returned to the following locations:

Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services
980 E Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Hennepin County Elections
Government Center
300 South 6th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55487

Apply for a mail ballot

Apply online

The recommended deadline to apply (Tuesday, October 20) has passed. 

Consider voting early in-person or on Election Day

Election Day is getting close! With little time left, it might be better to vote early in-person or vote on Election Day at your polling place.

If you decide to apply for a mail ballot...

Before you apply, you should know: 

  • It can take 7-10 days for your ballot to arrive in the mail. 
  • Once it arrives, you'll need to return it to us by the required deadlines (see above).

If you apply for a mail ballot but do run out of time, you can still vote on Election Day as long as we have not yet received and counted your mail ballot.

Mail ballot application

If you're in the hospital, military or living abroad

In the hospital

We have special options for voters in the hospital or a healthcare facility. We send election workers to help residents vote.

View map of Minneapolis health care facilities

For more information, contact us.

In the military or living abroad

People in the military or living abroad can use a special process to vote absentee. You can request that a ballot be sent to you by email.

Request an overseas or military ballot from the Minnesota Secretary of State

If you moved from Minnesota and can't vote in your new state

If you just moved, you might not have lived in your new state long enough to vote under their residency laws. If so, you can get a mail ballot from Minnesota with just the president and vice-president race on it. 

To receive a presidential-only ballot, you must:

  • Have moved from Minnesota between October 4 and November 3
  • Certify you are not eligible to vote in the state where you now live

If this applies to you, complete this application for a presidential-only ballot and return it to Hennepin County Elections. 

For questions, contact Hennepin County Elections

Pick up a ballot for someone else

Beginning October 27, voters in certain circumstances can choose someone to pick up and return a ballot for them.

See the rules

How to get a new ballot

If you made a mistake on your ballot

Contact our office and ask for a replacement ballot. We will cancel your original ballot. If there is not enough time to get a new ballot, completely cross out the name of the candidate you accidentally marked.

Contact Elections & Voter Services

If you returned your ballot but want to change your vote

If we have already received and accepted your completed ballot, you have until Tuesday, October 20 to ask that it be canceled and replaced. 

Contact us to cancel your ballot. Depending on how much time is left until Election Day, your options may be:

  • To ask that we mail a new ballot
  • To vote early in-person
  • To vote at your polling place on Election Day

Contact Elections & Voter Services

If your ballot is lost or damaged

If your ballot is lost or damaged, contact us to get a replacement ballot. We will cancel your original ballot.

Do not return your original ballot, even if you eventually find or receive it. Only return your replacement ballot.

Contact Elections & Voter Services

Vote by mail

Frequently asked questions

Learn about deadlines, witness signatures, mail ballot security and more.

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