2000 Election results

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November 7, 2000

General Election results

Charter Amendment: New Minneapolis Central Library and Community Public Library Improvements Financing

The question read:

“Shall the City of Minneapolis be authorized to finance public library improvements, including the repair, renovation and expansion of community libraries and the and construction of a new Central -Library, by issuing general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000,000) or the community improvements and One Hundred Ten Million Dollars ($110,000,000) for the new if any Central Library for a total amount of One Hundred Forty Million Dollars ($140,000,000), payable and over a period of up to 3O years?

The maximum annual amount of the increased tax levy for debt service on the bonds is 0.06% of market value, and the amount that will be raised in 2003, the first year, is estimated to be $450,000.”

Library Improvements Question
Yes 107,076 66.97%
No 52,813 33.03%

The amendment passed.

School District Ballot Question: Renewal of the Better Schools Referendum

The question read:

"The Board of Special School District No. 1, Minneapolis, has proposed to renew its expiring referendum revenue authorization. This revenue will be used to finance school operations for the benefit of the children of Minneapolis. For taxes payable in 2002 the property tax portion of this revenue will require an estimated referendum tax rate of .16012% of the referendum market value of all taxable property in the district. For taxes payable 2009, the last year for which this revenue is authorized, the property tax portion will require an estimated referendum tax rate of .19320% of the referendum market value of all taxable property in the District. The proposed revenue would be authorized for eight years, unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law. As expressed in terms of resident marginal cost pupil units, the expiring referendum authority of $705 would be replaced with a referendum authority of a maximum amount of $735 for taxes payable in 2002, $765 for taxes payable in 2003, $795 for taxes payable in 2004, $825 for taxes payable in 2005, $860 for taxes payable in 2006, $890 for taxes payable in 2007, $925 taxes payable in 2008, and $965 for taxes payable in 2009.

Shall the renewal of the expiring referendum authorized proposed the Board of Special School District No. 1 with an increase for inflation be approved?"

Better Schools Referendum Question
Yes 114,152 72.63%
No 43,021 27.37%

The referendum passed.

Voter turnout statistics

General Election: November 7, 2000
Registered Voter Turnout 67.6%
Early Votes 8,296
Total Votes 175,191

Other election results

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September 12, 2000

Primary Election results

There were no local primary election races.

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Voter turnout statistics

Primary Election: September 12, 2000
Registered Voter Turnout 24.4%
Early Votes 1,681
Total Votes 50,133