2017 Mayor results

Official winner: Jacob Frey. See the results and ranked-choice tabulation of the 2017 Mayoral race.

November 7, 2017

Municipal Election

CandidateFinal round votesFinal round percentage
Jacob Frey 46,716 44.69%
Raymond Dehn 34,971 33.46%

This was a ranked-choice voting (RCV) race. Voters were asked to rank up to 3 different candidates. After 6 rounds of tabulation, Jacob Frey was elected.

See the ranked-choice voting tabulation for more details.

Ballots cast summary
Total ballots cast 104,522 Total votes counted in the first round. Does not include undervotes, overvotes, defective, or spoiled ballots.
Maximum possible threshold 52,262 Half of total votes cast for office + 1, disregarding fractions.
Undervotes 1,406 Voter did not rank any candidates for the office.

A cast vote record (CVR) is a document automatically created by the voting system. It contains information from each ballot.

See 2017 Mayor Cast Vote Record.

Ranked-choice voting diagram

This diagram shows how second and third choice votes were redistributed as candidates were defeated. Hover and pause over the bars on the diagram for vote totals.


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