2017 Park Board District 2 results

Official Winner: Kale Severson

November 7, 2017

Municipal Election

This was a ranked-choice voting (RCV) race. Voters were asked to rank up to 3 different candidates. After one round of tabulation, Kale Severson was elected.

Park Board District 2
CandidateFinal round votesPercentage
Kale Severson 5,089 56.96%
Mike Talley Tate 3,778 42.29%
Undeclared Write-ins 67 0.75%


Ballots cast summary
Total votes cast 8,934

Total votes counted in the first round. Does not include undervotes, overvotes, defective, or spoiled ballots.

Tabulation threshold 4,468

The number of votes sufficient for a candidate to be elected. Half of votes cast for office + 1, disregarding fractions.

Undervotes 2,228

Ballots where the voter did not rank any candidates for the office.

See the ranked-choice voting tabulation below for more details.


Vote totals by round