2017 Parks & Recreation Commissioner At Large results

Official Winners: Latrisha Vetaw, Meg Forney and Londel French. See the results and ranked-choice vote tabulation of the 2017 Parks & Recreation Commissioner At Large race.

November 7, 2017

Municipal Election

This was a ranked-choice voting (RCV) race. Voters were asked to rank up to 3 different candidates. After four rounds of tabulation, the top three candidates were elected; Latrisha Vetaw, Meg Forney and Londel French.

Park and Recreation Commissioner At Large
CandidateFirst choice votesFinal round votesFinal round percentage
Latrisha Vetaw 18,526  22,827 27.06%
Meg Forney 19,010  22,506 26.68%
Londel French 12,405  17,947 21.28%
Mike Derus  10,679  13,970 16.56% 
Russ Henry  9,056  Eliminated round 4
Devin Hogan  6,246  Eliminated round 3
Charlie Casserly  3,756  Eliminated round 2
Jonathan Honerbrink  2,617  Eliminated round 2 
Bob Sullentrop  1,659  Eliminated round 2 
Scott Vreeland  Eliminated round 2 
Undeclared Write-ins  390  Eliminated round 2 


Ballots cast summary
Total votes cast 84,347

Total votes counted in the first round. Does not include undervotes, overvotes, defective, or spoiled ballots.

Tabulation Threshold 21,087 The number of votes sufficient for a candidate to be elected. One-fourth of total votes cast for office + 1, disregarding fractions.
Undervotes 21,581

Ballots where the voter did not rank any candidates for the office.

If fewer than three candidates reach the threshold, the remaining candidate(s) with the highest vote totals are elected.

See the ranked-choice voting tabulation below for more details.

Vote totals by round