2021 Municipal Election Interactive Data

Explore our interactive maps of precinct-level voter turnout data in the November 2, 2021 Municipal Election.

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2021 Municipal Election Early Voting Dashboard

How to use this dashboard

For best results

  • View the dashboard in full screen, especially if accessing on a mobile device
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser

City map of wards and precincts

  • Choose a map format with the drop down menu (voting precincts or wards)
  • Choose a voting measure with the drop down menu (early voting rate, mail early votes, in-person early votes)
    • Early voting rate: darker green means that a higher percent of voters in the ward/precinct have voted early
    • Mail early votes: darker blue means that more mail early votes have been cast from the ward/precinct
    • In-person early votes: darker red means that more in-person early votes have been cast from the ward/precinct
  • Hover over each ward/precinct to see additional information and the breakdown of how early votes have been cast (by mail, in-person, other)
  • Select one or more wards from the drop down menu to focus on certain areas of city
  • Use the tools in the top left to zoom in on a specific area of the map

Early votes by day

  • The line at the bottom of the dashboard shows how many early votes were received each day
  • Hover over the line for the number of early votes received that day and the breakdown of how those early votes have been cast (by mail, in-person, other)

Colors on the map

  • Green indicates early voting rate and total early votes cast
  • Blue indicates early votes cast by mail
  • Red indicates early votes cast in-person
  • Yellow indicates other early votes cast, including ballots processed by Hennepin County, agent deliveries, and health care facility voting

Dashboard updates

  • This dashboard is updated daily throughout the early voting period
  • See the timestamp from when the latest update was made in the lower right