2021 Election results

See election results for the November 2, 2021 Municipal Election. Minneapolis uses ranked-choice voting for Municipal Elections. Voters rank up to 3 different candidates.

Citywide races

Results by raceOfficial winner(s)
Mayor results Jacob Frey
Board of Estimate & Taxation results Steve Brandt and Samantha "Sam" Pree-Stinson
Park & Recreation Commissioner At Large results Meg Forney, Tom Olsen, and Alicia D. Smith 
Ballot questions

Question 1 - Passed
Question 2 - Failed
Question 3 - Passed 


City Council Wards

Results by raceOfficial winner
City Council Ward 1 results Elliott Payne
City Council Ward 2 results Robin Wonsley Worlobah
City Council Ward 3 results Michael Rainville 
City Council Ward 4 results LaTrisha Vetaw 
City Council Ward 5 results Jeremiah Ellison
City Council Ward 6 results Jamal Osman
City Council Ward 7 results Lisa Goodman
City Council Ward 8 results Andrea Jenkins
City Council Ward 9 results Jason Chavez 
City Council Ward 10 results Aisha Chughtai 
City Council Ward 11 results Emily Koski 
City Council Ward 12 results Andrew Johnson
City Council Ward 13 results Linea Palmisano 


Park Board Districts

Results by raceOfficial winner
Park Board District 1 results Billy Menz 
Park Board District 2 results Becka Thompson
Park Board District 3 results Becky Alper
Park Board District 4 results Elizabeth Shaffer
Park Board District 5 results Steffanie Musich  
Park Board District 6 results Cathy Abene


Voter turnout statistics

Municipal Election: November 2, 2021
Registered Voter Turnout 54.0% 
Early Votes 29,572 
Total Votes 145,337 

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