2021 City Council Ward 13 election results

Official winner: Linea Palmisano

November 2, 2021

Municipal Election

This was a ranked-choice voting (RCV) race. Voters were asked to rank up to 3 different candidates.

Candidate Linea Palmisano received enough first-choice votes to be elected and is the winner.

Council Member Ward 13
Candidate First-choice votes
Linea Palmisano 10,883
Mike Norton 3,282
Ken Salway 1,305
Kati Medford 557
Bob Reuer 401
Write-in 14


Ballots cast summary
Total ballots cast 17,028

Total number of voters in the election. Includes undervotes, overvotes, defective, or spoiled ballots.

Maximum possible threshold 8,515

The number of votes sufficient for a candidate to be elected based only on each ballot’s first-choice ranking. Half of total ballots cast for office + 1, disregarding fractions.